We carry out all types of audiovisual installations, indoors and outdoors, for large, medium and small companies, and work with prestigious brands within the sector. Furthermore, we offer the possibility of purchasing the equipment if you need it for long-term installation or leasing it if the equipment is needed for short-term use as in events, exhibitions…


Indoor and outdoor lighting, halogen and led, laser, domotic systems for light control, light control panels, installation of spotlights and mobiles.


Installation of wireless and cabled microphone systems, background music, recording systems, digital and analogical mixing tables, assembly of soundproof booths, simultaneous translation systems, installation of audio matrix and routing, P.A. and monitor systems.


Installation of projection, matrix and image scale systems, interactive touch screens , televisión cameras, screens (Plasma, LED, LCD, TFT), video monitors, televisions, digital whiteboards, etc.


We offer a complete videoconference system that permits holding meetings from all over the world with the highest quality.

Digital Billboard

Greater visibility in high definition and less annual costs. For use indoors as well as outdoors, in different sizes and formats depending on the needs of the company.

Control systems

Different types of security cameras with images and the possibility of video recording, alarms, access control, digital scanner system, control master, management software for parking and other rooms, evacuation megaphone system..


All types of networks: PAN, LAN, CAN, WAN, MAN, with a variety of topologies, to allow sharing information, resources and offer services.


Closed-circuit television for video-vigilance of the installations, equipped with cutting-edge technology and connection of all elements, consisting of cameras and video monitors.


Based on our ample experience, we resolve any type of computing problem, general as well as specific.