Because technology, together with user experience, obtains incredible results


Different types of robots and cutting-edge mobile devices that offer a new way to interact with people.


Radiocontrol systems with different models for any needs with drones, flyballs, ufoballs,etc.

Mapping & Warping

Projection of static and moving images adapting to the shape of any object and building, indoors as well as outdoors.

Interactive screens

We lease, sell and/or install different types of digital and transparent screens, whiteboards and displays for any business that wants to use them and obtain an impeccable image and interactivity.

Digital content

We generate contents and manage them to obtain a different way of interacting.

Special effects (FX)

All of our projects imply a large dose of creativity and design to obtain the special effects required, depending on the individual needs of each client.

Spectacular lighting

Showcases, paintings, museum pieces and other lighted objects, sculptures created by lights, artistic effects with multii-colored led lights, decoration of company and professional spaces.


Sound effects and background music, synchronization of projections/mapping/warping with audio, etc.


Productions and image treatment on floors, ceilings, stairs and walls, augmented reality, interactive games, holograms.

Experiential Sensorial

Introduction of interactive and sensorial technology to innovate signalling spaces indoors as well as outdoors.

Technological Furnishings

We offer the possibility of integrating the furnishings of your user experience including audio systems, screens, artistic and movement effects.

Experiential Gadgets

All kinds of original gadgets, such as wifi camera, pinpression, remotes and controls for software, applications and games, kinect applications…


Creation of ambience in installations, demonstration centers and other spaces where , with different elements (aromas, water, smoke, air and other special effects), a user experiences different sensations.